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I just purchased a SR1000. I've read the setup guide and watched the setup video. I have some basic questions that have not been answered there or that I can find on this forum. I was following the instructions on this forum for Win 7 and get to the part at the control panel where it asks to click on the wireless icon. I don't have one on my desktop computer. All that I have is the LAN icon. I have wireless connectivity to several devices that have been working properly, albeit not within a large enough range (the reason for purchasing the extender). I DO have the wireless icon on my laptop and it "sees" the Amped_SR. I can also see the Amped_SR on my iPad, but can't access email or internet using the Amped_SR signal.

I also can't connect to the setup web address using Google Chrome. Again, I'm operating from my desktop computer. My configuration currently is:

desktop -> cable modem -> Netgear WNDR3700 router

The instructions say to connect the SR1000 directly to the PC but shows a laptop to access the setup info on the web browser. I need to keep my desktop/modem/router at their current location from which I need range extension. I'll then locate the extender between the desktop and my dead areas.

Though I'm moderately computer literate, I'm a little reluctant to mess with my current router setup for fear of losing internet/email connectivity. I recall that I had a little trouble getting to the internet when I first purchased the router. But I'm happy to try changing settings etc. if there is a fail safe method where I can return to my original settings if necessary.

Let me know what suggestions that you may have at this point. I'm excited in that I have moved the SR1000 to the location where I want it and it does indeed extend my wireless signal (my iPad sees the Amped_SR at a dead area). I just need to set it up...

Thanks for your help.


Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:58 am
After getting connected to the Amped network, you must set up the range extender before you can receive email and surf the web. Please follow the instructions for setting up the range extender. You will need to launch a web browser, and then enter in the address bar. YOU CAN NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE ROUTER WHEN ACCESSING THE SETUP PAGE. The setup page is NOT on the internet, and is served directly from the device itself. This is why the instructions say to connect to the RANGE EXTENDER'S network. Once you are on the setup page, follow the steps and you will complete the setup process.

If you are still having issues reaching the setup page, please contact us at (888) 573 - 8820.

Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:18 am
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