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Can't Access Setup Page

  • Open Browser and enter - You can also use (241 for SR150)
  • Disconnect from wireless network
  • Check TCP/IP settings is Set to 'Obtain IP' info
  • Reset Range Extender
  • Try to connect via wireless
  • Set static IP within Default IP subnet and try to enter Emergency Server

NOTE: The setup menu located at is not a live internet site. It can ONLY be viewed when connected to the range extender's network (wired or wireless).


1. Open Browser and enter If this does not open the setup page, try the IP Address For the SR150 the IP is

2.Disconnect from wireless network - Plug your computer directly into the Range Extender with the supplied Ethernet cable. Verify that your wireless adapter has been disconnected from your home router's wireless network, or any other wireless network with a live Internet connection. (If you try to resolve the url the computer will try you look up the information on the Internet instead of the Range Extender. YOU CAN NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET IN ANY WAY.)

3. Check Adapter Settings - Many times you may be unable to connect to the setup page because your Local Area Settings are not correct. You may have the adapter disabled or set to a static IP and not even know it. Go to the adapter settings and verify that it is using DHCP, or set to 'Obtain an IP'

4. Reset the Range Extender- Locate the red circle on the back of the unit. Use a pen or paper clip to press the button and hold for 8-10 seconds and then release. You will know you reset the unit if the WPS light comes on and signals the reboot process has started. If you do not see the WP light come on, please try again. If you do not get the WPS light after trying this a few times, unplug the device and let it sit for at least 45 seconds. Plug the unit back in and check to see if the device has been reset to factory settings.

5. Try connecting via wireless card - If you still are unable to connect, you may want to try connecting to the wireless network of the unit. The factory defaults are SSID: Amped_Wireless Password: wireless.

6.Try connecting to the Emergency Server- The unit may have lost its firmware. If this happens please set the network adapter to a static IP because the DHCP server is not working. (Note: See section 2 for help on setting these settings.)

Use the following info to set the IP information on the adapter:
  • IP address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway: (SR150 use 241)
  • Primary DNS Server: (SR150 use 241)

This should take you to the Emergency Web Server. You will only have a place to upload a file. Download the lastes firmware for the model you are updating from our Amped Wireless Elite Support Center

Remember to set the adapter back to DHCP after the process is complete

Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:00 am

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What I found to work successfully was to go to the "Web Menu Access" page of my main router and copy the actual IP address for my Amped Range Extender.
I then pasted this in the address bar of my browser, clicked enter and the "Web Menu Access" page immediately opened.
While it was open I left clicked on File and then Send, where I sent a Shortcut to my Desktop.
I located and placed this icon in a convenient place where it is easily accessible.
This icon works every time without fail.
Its simple, safe and quick.
When it fails to work I will go back to my main router and confirm the IP address and create a new desk top shortcut if necessary based on a different IP address.
No tampering with or Disabling DHCPs or Entering Static Settings or other unfamiliar settings which could cause an extender reset with all the work that entails.
I think this is a very good solution, especially if your network is fairly settled, stable or almost static, i.e. if you are essentially using the same equipment on a regular basis.

Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:35 pm

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I tried Docstr's solution and it works great. Much easier than the official reply. Thanks!

Sun May 31, 2015 2:54 pm
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